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Are Canadian Geese becoming a nuisance on your property? It is time to take back your outdoors!

These beautiful, but messy birds enjoy the same type of reactional areas human create for themselves- lush lawns, golf courses, beaches, parks and ponds. When Canadian Geese find an area they like, they stay and feed, defecate, swim, have babies and repeat. They also return to the same nesting sites each year. Their grazing, excrement, and aggressive behavior becomes problematic as their population increases.

So once a goose problem, always a goose problem? Yes, unless handled correctly. Since geese are intelligent creatures they quickly become accustomed to non-lethal scare tactics such as reflective strips, scarecrows and swans. Even relocating the flock does not work, because they just fly back. That is where Geese Adversary Control or GAC comes in. At GAC we use specially trained Australian Shepard and Border Collie dogs to effectively and humanely remove your geese problem. These herding dog breeds closely resemble the Arctic Fox which is a natural predator of Canadian geese. Since geese survival hinges on avoiding predatory threats, they learn to seek other pastures.

How does Geese Adversary Control’s special training and techniques work to rid my Geese problem?

Up to seven days a week, our specially trained dogs and their handler(s) make several visits to your site. When the dogs are released, on command they chase the geese who respond immediately by honking their distress call and fly away to safety.

At GAC, we stagger our visits, so the geese do not become familiar with our schedule. To help prevent overnight roosting, we like to make visits around dusk. If the geese try to retreat to the water, the dogs are trained to swim after them.

Within several weeks these geese learn that this property is no longer a habitable place for them to hang out and they go somewhere else. (Actual time may vary depending on property size, property layout and extent of geese presence.)

** Geese Adversary Control is a member of PETA and does not condone the inhumane treatment of any animal.

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